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the indispensible guide and delightful
companion for adept, occultist,
witch and mortal alike ...

Magic: An Occult Primer

The Witches' Almanac

3-ISBN: 978-1-881098-37-9
Price: $23.95
384 pages, 6"x9"

DAVID CONWAY’S Magic: An Occult Primer is a seminal work that brought magical training to the every-magician in the early 70s. David is an articulate writer presenting the mysteries in a very workable manner for the serious student. Along with the updated texts on philosophy and practical magic are a plethora of graphics that have all been redrawn, promising to be another collector’s edition published by The Witches’ Almanac.

$24.95 plus shipping & handling
(continental US delivery)

Continental USA delivery only

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2016 to Spring 2017 Issue 35:
Air: The Breath of Life

The Witches' Almanac
Cover Design by Kathryn Sky-Peck

10-ISBN: 188109832X
13-ISBN: 978-1-881098-32-4
Price: $12.95
208 pages, 6”x9”


The theme of Issue 35 (Spring 2016—Spring 2017) is Air: The Breath of Life, and among our lineup of obscurities is The Zodiac and Cell Salts, Sidonia Von Bork, Sorceress, Deosil and Widdershins — Celestial power from the Sun’s path, The Nine Elements and Sonics and the Magic of Sound.

$12.95 plus shipping & handling
(continental US delivery)

Continental USA delivery only

For a full description and ordering information CLICK HERE

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2015 to Spring 2016 Issue 34:
Fire the Transformer

The Witches' Almanac
Cover Design by Kathryn Sky-Peck
10-ISBN: 1-881098-15-X
13-ISBN: 978-1-881098-15-7
Price: $12.95
208 pages, 6"x9"
The theme of Issue 34 (Spring 2015—Spring 2016) is Fire the Transformer, and among our lineup of obscurities is Hedgerows, a Wassail recipe, Botanicas, the Restless Dead, Rum, and the Tibetan Dorje.

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  New Books from The Witches Almanac
The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York
by Charles Godfrey Leland
Introduction by Professor Robert Mathiesen

NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED, The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York, a handwritten, illustrated manuscript penned by Charles Godfrey Leland, may be the first modern Book of Shadows. Originally created for Leland's personal use, The Witches' Almanac is pleased to announce publication of a full color facsimile complete with text transcript and Leland's extensive original artwork.
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Aradia: Gospel of the Witches
Standard hardcover edition ($65.00).
Deluxe numbered edition with slipcase ($85.00).
Exclusive full leather bound, numbered and slip cased edition ($145.00).

The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York purports to be the full account of Witchcraft as practiced in medieval England but in truth, it is Leland's imaginative recreation. Based on Leland's years of prodigious research, the structure of this work leaves room for readers to create their own practice firmly rooted in tradition, yet also responsive to twenty-first century needs and sensibilities. The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York will be treasured by Pagans, Witches, scholars, and anyone fascinated by the legends and lore of Old England.

The Witches' Almanac

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